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  • Lace Adhesive
  • Lace Adhesive
  • Lace Adhesive
  • Lace Adhesive

Lace Adhesive


Lace Adhesive
-Super Enough To Hold
-Kind Enough For Skin Sensitivities
-Tough Enough to be water & sweat proof
-Dries Completely Clear
-Easy to Apply
-Smooths with ease

 For best use

clean skins surface first with alcohol 

then follow up with its sticky skink protectant allow to dry. 
Then apply 3 Layer Minimum

5 Layer Maximum  

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
New Smell Good Sticky

10:10 i recommend it smells soooo good i need it in stock for the big bottle melts just like regular sticky with a strong hold

Nikia Warthen
Have not received my order

When I get it so I can use it I can write a review. My order has been delayed but I cannot wait to use the products and write my review. Will update as soon as I use it

Tina Hill
A must have.. amazing product!!

Super hold on wigs and drys fast..shipping is definitely fast..

Danielle S.
Not worth it.

I read the reviews, that’s what really prompt me to buy. I received it in 5 days time. But it’s definitely not the best or even close to what the reviews are showing. I’m feeling like All of those reviews are from family members or friends helping promote. Because it’s not worth the price. It’s the exact same as “Ghost bond” which is typically $8. I spent $22 on this. My wig actually held for about 5 days before it got all gummy. By the 6th day it slide completely off. No removal needed.

Leslie Riley
THE best lace adhesive!!

This adhesive is really strong. I am a head sweater especially when I workout. This glue held fast even when wet. You can pull yank and it's not going anywhere. The applicators make it sooo easy to place the glue. And removal was not a problem the remover is thoroughly effective at dissolving glue from your scalp hair and your unit. Great product!! I will buy again and again