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Super Sticky (Clear Adhesive)

Super Sticky (Clear Adhesive)

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Super Sticky (Clear Adhesive)

Super Sticky Clear Adhesive.

-Super Enough To Hold
-Kind Enough For Skin Sensitivities
-Tough Enough to be water & sweat proof
-Dries Completely Clear
-Easy to Apply
-Smooths with ease

-Mess Free 

 For best use

1. Clean the skin near the hairline to remove product
build up. (You need a clean surface for the adhesive
to adhere properly )
2. From 2-4 inches away spray it's sticky skin
protectant across the hairline be sure to apply the
product to all areas where it's sticky adhesive will be
3. Apply adhesive in light moderate amounts across
the hair line. Be sure to spread the adhesive into
smooth thin layers as wide as you would choose. (
The wider the band of glue the longer the install will
last ) we suggest using a sticky stick to carry out this process. Allow the adhesive to dry 1-3Min., until it's completely clear, or tap the adhesive softly with the tip of your clean finger your finger shouldn't stick or smear the band of glue then Repeat this step 1-4 times for best results.
4. Once your layers are completely clear and dry to
your desire lay your lace piece on top of the band of
adhesive use a comb to gently press the lace piece
into the adhesive. Blow dry on cool before moving
into the next step.
5. Spay the hairline with it's sticky melt me good
spray blow dry and then apply your sticky band be
sure not to tie the band too tight and check your
clients ears for comfort.

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