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Lace Unleashed

Lace Unleashed

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Lace Unleashed 



-Easy To Use safest way to remove your lace and clean your skin without damaging your edges 

-Fast acting  

-Won’t  damage your lace 

-Will not irritate your skin  

-Works best with it’s sticky, but can also be used with any lace adhesive.

1. Comb out Detangle your wig, pull all the hair to the back. 

2. Shake remover apply spray cap. 

3. Hold the bottle close to the area where the adhesive was placed spray remover across the surface of the lace be generous after every spray gently rub the lace in a circular motion.

4. After applying the remover allow the products to sit for a few minutes then gently tug on the hair line the wig should just lift right off the head.

5. Using a dry paper towel or clean dry washcloth apply gentle- light pressure wipe away any remaining adhesive residue from your skin.
6. If your changing your cap use the same method to remove it as well

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So thankful to still have my edges!

I’m a hair care specialist and wigs are my primary choice of protective styling! This helps me remove my own and my clients instal with ease no heavy smell highly effective less is more?

Bayyinah Lawson
Great Product

I am so pleased with my purchase. I hope everyone has the chance to try their products.